200 000 steps

200 000 steps
durational performance
drawings and grass-tools for drawing
analogue photographs
digital photographs
two channel video 13’47”

This project is realised at Art Omi residency (NY, USA), June – July 2019

I was thinking of using my time at the Art Omi residency as of an opportunity to re-examine ways of thinking about art and to look for new possibilities in creating artwork.
One of my main tasks was to rethink my own usual way of creating the artwork, in order to reformulate and change it, and to abandon the themes which I referred to in most of my previous work, such as social neglect, destruction, nepotism, oppression, and similar social, political and economical issues so present in Croatia where I live.
The physical aspect of this piece is important to me. One of the main aims of this piece was an exercise to stay focused to steps and walking, trying to suppress possible distractions from the surroundings. I was also trying to find the balance between the mind and the body in harsh weather conditions that the body needed to endure.
The psychological aspect of the work is based on the feelings or the emotions that I experienced while performing the piece physically, and on all possible situations that I encountered or had to go through during my walks. While walking I photographed those uncomfortable moments, and afterwards I visualised them with the grass drawings.
200 000 steps performance is based on repetition, continuity, solitude, and meditation, as well as a challenge to get into an unknown natural and geographical environment and results in a state of uncertainty and discomfort.

About the walks
During 15 days I walked cca.4-5 hours a day and made 200 000 steps / approx. 100 miles or 150 km

About the drawings

During the walks I have collected various random plants in order to make a small tool which I have used for drawing. After every single walk I came back to the studio and visualized a particular moment (physical or mental exhaustion, relief, discomfort, etc.). The numbers (187/8192, 151/10183, etc.) present the highest heart pulse rates and numbers of steps made on that day.

About the analogue photographies / series of 20 photos
In the first couple of days uncertainty and discomfort were very present in my walks. I had a 35mm Film Camera with me in order to capture the moment when I felt uncomfortable or unpleasant as a result of new surroundings and unforeseen events in the nature. For this reason the photographs are deliberatly blurred.

Art Omi Open Studios / July 7, 2019